Peacemaking in South London

Angell Town Estate, Brixton

The Setting

Here in South London, in the midst of one of the most diverse areas in the south of England, a new CHIPS project is slowly taking shape. We have been invited by Street Pastors and the local church to work in this area which has a backdrop of vibrant creativity, ongoing gentrification, new redevelopment, and a history of social unrest. The rise of a sub-culture of youth violence and the designation of territories makes this the ideal place for establishing a new CHIPS base.

Invest in Peace!

Opportunity to Invest in New Peacemaking Project in London

I am delighted to announce an opportunity to help CHIPS realise the new vision of an active, incarnational, practical peacemaking project here in the UK.

This is an ethical investment opportunity, where you can let your money go to good use. By offering an equity loan through our partners Mission Housing you would help to purchase a property in which a new CHIPS team will be established.

We have now had an offer accepted, so we need to secure the remainder of the investment as soon as possible. Please get in contact as soon as possible, with any expression of interest in this opportunity.

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